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Articles listed in this section were contributed by members of the wider community and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of House Shadow Drake.

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Within the last few years there has been an overuse of the term "Hedgewitch" to refer to many different things. The follwowing two articles attempt to illustrate the the path of a Hedgewitch within traditional Witchcraft. The first articles defines what a Hedgewitch is and the second is a reference to a historical ritual that provides a reference point and demonstration of the types of rituals that were employed in the past by a Hedgewitch.

As a further note, there are many people who modernly use the term Hedgewitch to refer to a solitary or country witch. The term was made popular in Neo-Pagan culture by author Rae Beth in 1992. The Hedgewitch that is discussed on this website is quite different from that defined by Rae Beth or modern Pagans.

The hedge itself is a point of liminality and divides the two worlds: civilization from the wild, the seen from the unseen, and even life from death. It is a boundary marker and the point at which the Veil passes between the worlds.

  • Mother Goose
  • A small essay demonstrating the evolution of Frau Holt into the childhood Mother Goose which many children in Western cultures have grown up with. Lightly explores green ointments or flying oinments.
  • Ritual of the Raven
  • A ritual which has been adapted for demonstrative purposes. This ritual was used exclusively within Hedge Traditions. Although the ritual is no longer in use today, it provides an excellent example of some of the older rituals which were historically utilized.

  • What is a Hedgewitch?
  • An article which explains the path of a Hedgewitch within traditional Witchcraft.

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