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Articles listed in this section were contributed by members of the wider community and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of House Shadow Drake.

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Tools and Other Items

Tools and Other Items

The tools of Witchcraft are utilized for the purposes of purification, consecration, and magic as well as other ritual and utilitarian uses. The specific set of tools varies between traditions, with the blade being the most widely and commonly used.

There are a number of tools and other commonly used items that are utilized within traditional Witchcraft. As this website provides a broader overview of trdaitional Witchcraft it should be noted that not all traditions use these exact sets of tools or might have other names for them.

Tools perform a function and are not just there to look nice. For example, the primary purpose of a knife is to cut, a cup is used to drink, and a cauldron is used to cook (well, that also depends on the kind of cauldron or pot being used). Most tools are handmade or at least modified to perform the necessary tasks that are assigned to them. This list is by no means complete and can be considered basic. For example the broom and stang are not specificly listed but are used extensively by most traditionalists. Other tools or items that are sometimes used include a stone or even a skull. Although there are many similarities between traditions, and the core structure of traditions, the so-called tools of the trade and other such items depend on the specifics of the tradition itself.

If you do not have a use for a tool or understand its purpose then chances are that you should not be using it. The following is a very brief overview of some of the tools and items used:

  • Bell
  • A description and explanation of the use of a bell.

  • Blade
  • Description of a sacred blade and its use.

  • Chalice
  • A description of the use of the cup or chalice.

  • Cauldron
  • A short explanation of the use of the cauldron and surrounding folklore.

  • Quilt Patch
  • An example and explanation of the use of a quilt and the individual patches of a quilt.

  • Runes
  • Basic information about the use of runic alphabets. Answers questions about the origin and purpose of runic alphabets.

  • Wand
  • An explanation and folklore of the wand and broom.

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